Medically reviewed by Minimalist Health Specialist -  Written by Aheli Sen (Fashion & Beauty Expert)  on 08th Jan 2021

7 Easy lifestyle changes for reducing dark circles - Simple home hacks 

changes for reducing dark circles

While here we are stating how we would love to be out finally, go back to work, go back to how things were till last year, we forget the good that this year has brought us by locking us home.

Covid-19 put us in a challenging space for sure. All the sickness from the disease, deaths, weakness of people who suffered during the pandemic, made us go through hell. People lost their jobs, while many of us were lucky to be in employment. WFH was born, and no matter how much we complain, deep down, we all know that we love it.

The question is, why is it that we love being at home? For years we have led a life of constant running, physically and emotionally. It has drained us to an extent we never realized.

For the longest time, we have been dreaming of getting some time off, not a few days but a few months, to stop, relax and realize where we stand with ourselves, and take the time to heal mentally. The pandemic was a cruel but definite way for us to do just this. And this is why we have truly enjoyed our time in the lockdown.

This brings us to the topic in question. Dark circles could be a condition attributed to either genes or a lifestyle like the one described above.

If the cause is genetic, it honestly cannot be helped. However, the ones acquired from environmental factors and bad lifestyle choices can be. Let us look at the factors that determine dark circles and figure out what we could do about it. 

Factors that could cause dark circles: 

  • The genetic condition from which one gets under dark eye circles is called periorbital hyperpigmentation. It is a condition that is untreatable. 
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  • Another form of genetic predisposition is when one belongs to a non-white ethnicity. What does this mean? Simply that if you belong to a race that is broadly not white (like Asians, Africans), you are more prone to having dark circles. 
  • Stress is a significant contributor to your under-eye dark circles. The blood vessels under the eyes inflame and turn blue that causes dark circles. 
  • We often hear how less is more and more is more, and the saying can be tweaked whichever way you please! However, in the case of under-eye dark circles, what is more, is the optimum levels of sleep. If you sleep more, it can cause these circles; if you sleep less, it can cause the circles to appear; if you spend too many hours awake daily into the wee hours of the morning sans proper sleep throughout the day, guess what? You get dark circles under the eyes! 
  • As we grow older, our skin gets quite thin. As the skin under the eyes is already super thin, the blood vessels under the eyes get pretty visible the more we age. The blue capillaries get more visibility that appears as dark circles under the eyes. 
  • Another reason you don't have the perfect under-eye is not drinking enough water. What happens when a grape loses its water content? It gets all wrinkled, hollow, and creases and gets shadows. Pretty much the same occurs under the eyes. While it does not wrinkle unless you have aged, it does get quite sunken and dark from less water content.
  • Exposing your skin to the harsh sun for long hours is another major cause of under-eye dark circles. Why? When you belong to an ethnicity more prone to increased melanin production, overexposure to the sun speeds the process of melanin production that darkens the eye sooner. 
  • Staring at screens for long hours also causes dark circles. The longer you look at screens, the more you strain the eyes and the blood vessels around them. This causes the vessels to enlarge and be more visible, giving a darkened appearance under the eye. 
  • Allergies, too, can cause under dark eye circles. 

Now we have come across a billion people giving us a billion remedies, most of which include having to go out of the house. While remedies in clinics are fast and easy, let us consider the condition at hand this year where being at home keeps yourself and others safe.

On that note, let us figure the home remedies at hand to get rid of dark circles. Yes, they are super easy to make and work with, but they will, for sure, take some time to show results. Well, so does skincare. 

  • Lemon Juice - the goodness of vitamin c brightening, come on. However, it should always be used diluted or with some other element like a cucumber paste or juice or tomatoes to make sure that it does not get in the eye, and even if it does, it does not make us cry. 
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  • Cucumber - known to be mostly used for soothing and calming skin, cucumber helps soothe inflammation under the eyes. It also is cool to feel and cools down irritation. Much like the work of cold compressors like jade rollers, cucumber also helps roll out puffiness under the eyes that are one key reason to give the appearance of having under dark eye circles. Cucumber also helps soothe the under eye when one suffers from allergies in the under-eye. 
  • Tomatoes - rich in lycopene, tomatoes help eliminate under-eye dark circles while making the skin feel softer and more supple. Tomato with lemon juice strained and applied using a cotton pad under the eye makes the dark circles go away. Keep this mixture on for 10 minutes, and then carefully pat the under-eye with a soaked towel. 
  • Coconut and Almond Oil - mix equal parts of coconut oil and almond oil, apply the mix to the under eye and leave it on for about an hour. Ensure that the mix put under the eye is only a thin layer and not too heavy, as this would tug the eye. Heavy under eyes would mean more wrinkle formation, so it is advised to have a thin layer on for the same reason. It should apply this mix every day for the effects to show up. 
  • Fresh cream - mix cucumber, china clay to fresh cream and apply under the eyes for 20 minutes before washing it off with some milk and water.  
  • Potato - new, huh? Well, as shocking as it might come to you, potato is great for getting rid of under-eye dark circles. You can use all forms of potato; the juice, the grate, the slices, but make sure that the potatoes are chilled. Keep it on for around 20 minutes, and then wash it dry before following it up with some good moisturizer. 
  • Tea - wondering what to do with the tea bags and tea leaves after you are done drinking some tea? The tea is that you can use the same under the eyes to calm and soothe the under-eye; remove puffiness and under-eye dark circles.  

These simple and fun hacks help you recycle and make up for all the money you spend on expensive treatments and under-eye creams. They are fast, easy, and fun to do. Save nature, your money, and also, your under-eye!