Medically reviewed by Minimalist Health Specialist -  Written by Nikitha Terence (Beauty Expert) on 20th Mar 2021

10 Things you need to know about skin hydration

Facts about skin hydration

Just like discipline begins at home, the responsibility of having a clean skin complexion starts with a proper skincare routine. It is achieved when we realize the importance of one main aspect of skincare: skin hydration.

As many suggest, drinking water and using the "right" products gives you a lovely skin complexion, but is that all when it comes to skin hydration?

Well, let's scroll down and read various aspects that elaborate more on skin hydration and why it's important.  

Fact 1: How does hydration result in "glowing skin?"  

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Every person in this world has had enviable, glowing, and clean skin at least at one point in their lives. But what is not right is the way you understand glowing skin— For most people, glowing skin = clear skin tone. When the same sentence is analyzed from a "physics" point of view, the experts clarify that light plays a major role.

You see, when the light gets reflected on your skin during sunkissed moments, that's when you can be content with your skin routine. But in case it gets deflected, you can understand that your skin layers have now become a hub for rough texture and dull cells.

Hydration does play a very vital role in brightening skin. Just like all the systems in our body working well, thanks to the miraculous Adam's ale, our skin too is dependent on it. A survey done by the University of Missouri-Columbia proved that blood circulation in the skin, which improves the rough skin texture, is achieved by regularly drinking water.  

Fact 2: Removal of toxins by the powerful method of skin hydration  

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We know how dry skin is desperately in need of moisture all the time. The only healing method to reduce or subside dehydrated skin is to hydrate it well with the right products. One big foe of beautiful skin is toxins. Some of them are well behaved as they leave themselves after their stay on the skin, but some tend to irritate the skin and strip off their natural health. So usually, toxins are flushed out by following good food habits.

Some dermatologists believe that you can flush out those toxins and hydrate your skin with proper exfoliation and cleansing. Many experts say that even though there is not much research that proves the point that hydration is the key, some studies done on random people show that water does perform marvels.

If your skin is too dehydrated and oily, then it is evident that the next threat is the nasty pimples that pop up. So the fairest solution is to keep yourself hydrated and to get back your acne-free skin.  

Fact 3: Increases elasticity, thus saying goodbye to wrinkles and aging skin 

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The next time you see a baby or even a teenager, take a close look at their flawless skin. Wondering how is it possible to get that kind of skin? It is simple. While we are young, our skin sheds the dead cells to make way for renewed skin. The elastic nature of skin makes it youthful. The more elasticity your skin possesses, you'll see lesser wrinkles and sagging.

As we age, this elasticity gets compromised because of lower levels of collagen in the skin. Collagen is responsible for skin elasticity, and water is one of the main components of collagen. Thus, making skin hydration all the more essential for a youthful appearance.  

Mind-blowing fact:

The production of collagen in your skin decreases by a whopping 1℅ every year starting in your mid-20s, as claimed by Dr. Susan Obagi, who is a member of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.    

Fact 4: How do skin moisturizing and skin hydration differ?  

The common difference between a skin moisturizer and a skin hydrator is that each product has a different role in the wonderful process of hydrating skin layers.

A humectant, as a hydrator, captures all the moisture content from the environment and delivers it right on top of the skin barrier. We can use occlusives like moisturizers that can arrest the water and lock it up well.

Cosmetic chemist Perry Romanowski states that a hydrator and moisturizer are just other terms for skin product brands. But who is the winner? Sometimes there exists one product that covers up both these criteria effortlessly. Beauty experts assert that it depends on your skin type and the atmosphere setting where you reside.  

Fact 5: What else can help the skin to achieve hydrated skin other than water  

It always takes teamwork to get a major job done. Similarly, water alone cannot handle all kinds of functions in our bodies.

When I say stuff, it's the many other items you use to look beautiful from the inside out. Though water is undoubtedly more than enough, as advised by dermatologists, it's high time we realize the other alternative or effective way to hydrate skin.  

Some of the hydrating and splendid ingredients that all skin experts swear by are: 

  • Lactic acid: Many assume that this element does the work of only removing the dead cells from the layers of skin and exfoliates it well. But did you know that lactic acid also acts as a hydrator to the skin? 
  • Petroleum jelly: An ingredient that comes in handy during the winters but when it comes to hydration, goes a long way to protect the skin barrier. Though not a favorite for the oily skin comrades, it is well accepted by the dry skin community.  
  • Hyaluronic acid: Considered as the goddess of all hydrating products, this ingredient has never failed to impress. It has a mighty capacity of holding about 1,000 times the moisture in your skin. This is the best thing that all dermatologists in the world recommend.  
  • Ceramides: A multitasker at hand, the ceramides restore the hydration and lock it up well too. It is found in the majority of skincare products in the stores.  

As much as you look into everything you put on your skin, it is also very important to take good care of your diet. Start having an acquaintance with food crops rich in water content, which promotes good skin glow.  

Fact 6: The skin is benefitted well when it is hydrated as it improves the detox process  

Another added advantage of regular skin hydration is the detox function that flushes out all the toxins in our body and gets increased drastically. So, the oils necessary to maintain the proximity of the skin well are nicely balanced. Ensure you detox on an everyday basis and benefit from skin hydration so that the process is quick and easy.  

Fact 7: Cactus: A much-in-demand hydration product?  

Shocking, isn't it? Cactus is one of those plants which have a very adaptable way of accepting its environment no matter how dusty or hot it is.

Dr. Jessie Cheung, a certified dermatologist, explains that the thick skin on the cactus's outer skin and the jelly-like material inside act as a secure layer on the skin, making it an excellent candidate in the skin hydration process. Not the plant but also its seeds, flowers, water, etc., are of high value.  

Fun fact:

Though cactus seem like a dangerous plant for many, they are an important source of food and water for wild animals like antelope, ground squirrel, and the bighorn sheep.   

Fact 8: Skin hydration is only achieved from within is a myth 

It is important to be healthy and team it up with the proper kind of physical workouts and nourishment. Similarly, water is sufficient for the good health of your skin and body, but caring for the exterior of your skin is also taken care of.

Make sure you have the right kind of products for any skin issues you have got. People think that you need to apply materials on their body or face only when they need it at the most, but that's where you are wrong. You must understand that your skin also needs what it needs. So make sure you check every ingredient and match it with your skin tone and type.  

Fact 9: Can you over-hydrate your skin? 

Imagine spending your time mainly by the sea one day. Have you observed your skin being rough? Both less or more hydration is harmful to the skin. 

 But how will we be sure of over-hydration?  

That is easy to find out! When your skin is clean and plump, and just when you apply your moisturizer, it stays on like a creamy layer and does not get absorbed even after a while, then it is time to slow down on your drinking water process. And don't think it is just common among the healthy water enthusiasts, but those involved in complex skin regimes are also victims here.

The point to be noted is that the ones with combination skin are those who are more inclined to the phenomenon of "too much hydration."  

Fact 10: Do's and Don'ts of skin hydration  

Like how vital it is to keep our body hydrated to safeguard it from the many harmful factors, the same goes for taking care of your skin. Make sure that you do follow this up if you always want to retain a happy, healthy skin texture: 

  • Be sure to avoid fragrance-based products or those with alcohol as the main ingredient, as these can strip the skin's moisture effortlessly.  
  • Take environmental factors into consideration too. They are a pivotal part of your skin maintenance. 

It's not just your face that needs attention, but your feet and hands are also part of the mission.  

Try this:

put on a night cream or moisturizer and cover your feet with some socks, so you would wake up to say hello to your refreshing, glowing feet.