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BB Creams Vs. CC Creams: Different Creams, Many Advantages

BB Creams Vs. CC Creams

We know much about skincare by now but do we know these alphabetically named creams, & how do they differ?

As markets are inundated with tons of creams, our minds are flooded with ample amounts of information, but we always urge to know a piece of information before choosing a new product.

Today we are here to answer your curiosity regarding two sister creams, which you might always be confused about!

Starting in alphabetical order for these alphabetically named creams, BB cream: BB stands for beauty balm or blemish balm. It is a versatile skincare or cosmetic product capable of functioning as five to six different products like moisturizer, sunscreen, foundation, skincare, and primer.  


originally, BB cream was formulated by a German dermatologist Dr. Christine Schrammek to protect her patients' skin after facial peels and surgery. Initially, BB cream gained buzz in Korea before hitting the global markets.  

What are they made of:

formulation varies from country to country and from company to company, but the essential ingredients remain the same. The essence of its multipurpose functioning is maintained in almost all formulations. A mineral base, a rich moisturizer, zinc oxide or titanium oxide, anti-aging ingredients, antioxidants, etc. are present in all BB creams to deliver the skin healing effects.  

Prime function:

due to the presence of sun protecting elements, it reflects light to give a paler and brighter illusion of skin. Also, a hint of tint in it covers the blemishes without showing your face a painted look.

The moisturizing content in BB creams is usually high enough for you to entirely skip using a moisturizer unless you need an extra dose of hydration or have dehydrated skin.

Antioxidants (Anti-ox) like vitamin C, vitamin E, and other plant-based compounds also claim to heal the skin for different woes like acne, blemishes, uneven texture, or rough surface. Thus it has much more to offer than many other makeup products. 

When to use:

Anytime! Yes, unlike a heavy foundation or a concealer, BB creams can be used any time of the day for as long as you like because of their less potent formula to harm your skin.

If you are too tired & do not have the energy to do your exhausting and long makeup routine or if you are running late like 90% of us in the morning or when you are too lazy to deck up, BB cream can be your knight in the shining armor.

It works well with casual or formal looks for all ages. Well-acclaimed global dermatologists have come up with their line of products, primarily amplifying the use of BB creams for young individuals who have little to no time to spare for skincare, let alone makeup!  

Who can use:

well, some publications and makeup artists do mention they are better for all those who are in their late 30s and above, but the truth is they are just fine for every age.

People with acne-prone skin should look out for BB creams that claim to have anti-acne ingredients, which can give you mild coverage while treating your acne or the least not aggravating it.

Dry or combination skin can opt for general BB creams with antioxidants and good moisture content to make your skin look glowy and plump.

For specific issues, there are many clinically and dermatologically tested BB creams that can give you favorable coverage and treat your skin with care. 

How to use:

This is where we should be thanking the formulators for producing multipurpose products that make us look useful and user-friendly. BB creams can be applied on a fresh and cleansed face without any prior application of moisturizer or primer. It can even be used as a primer followed by a light and mild coverage foundation when your skin needs a little more.

Usually, BB cream blends well and evenly with your fingertips, but a wet beauty blender can be used to combine the product if you're habituated to using a beauty blender.  

How much to use, and how long does it last?  

I want to tell you a simple principle, "as per your need and look. " This means that for some, a few drops of BB cream can do the job, and for some, a coin-sized amount would be needed.

Having a cream base and less hazardous substances can stick to your face for quite long without caking. BB cream can also be used more frequently in a day than your foundation or concealer because it has SPF and gives you sun protection. It makes it suitable for touch-ups.

If we start talking about BB creams' excruciating details, we will go on and on, so before we talk more on BB creams, 

let us also get a gist of CC creams? 

CC cream:

this stands for color correcting cream. The name pretty much tells us its prime function, but color correcting isn't only about brightening the dark areas or fading the spots, or giving an even skin tone. It is an interplay of different colors that fix specific areas and then layering a suitable foundation or CC cream.

Well, consider your efforts minimized when choosing a CC cream because it is a hybrid of color correctors and the base color.  


CC creams do not have a deep-rooted history or a documented discovery for you to think of it as a great invention. It has arrived much after foundation and tinted moisturizers and BB creams. The market started flooding with CC creams after 2010 when people asked for products that don't feel as heavy as makeup and yet give you good coverage.  

What are CC creams made of? 

The composition of CC creams and BB creams have a hairline difference. CC creams are also composed of moisturizers, antioxidants, peptides, ceramides, and other synthetic compounds. The main difference which makes CC creams function as a color corrector is that it has a higher concentration of substances that give a light tint to the skin known as pigments, which are silicones, dimethicones, etc. These are all synthetic chemicals that are made in a lab according to the demand of the shades.

Most CC creams, just like BB creams, also have an SPF value of around 30, which is acceptable for multipurpose products.

Prime function: dark spots, freckles, pigmentation, tanned skin, et all can be covered well enough by the right shade of CC creams without needing a foundation unless you want a completely flawless look. CC cream not only corrects color in the dark areas of our face like the smile crease line, sides of the nose, under eyes, or the most exposed part of the face that is the forehead, but it also provides sun protection and better coverage than BB cream.  

Who should use CC creams?

Well, pretty much everyone searching for a mild foundation with added benefits can go for a CC cream. Unlike BB creams, CC creams can not heal acne or be used as an anti-aging treatment. Thus, individuals who want brighter-looking skin and sun protection should think of CC creams as a quick alternative to light foundations.

People with oily or acne-prone skin can also consider CC creams over BB creams because CC creams have less cream content and do not leave a greasy look.  

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When to use CC creams?  

CC creams can even be used anytime and for any occasion. When you want more than just a pick-me-up look, CC creams can play the role of concealer or high pigmented cream. For festivals or casual outings, or parties, CC creams give you mild to heavy coverage depending on the shade and brand used.  

How to use it? 

No dermatologist or makeup artist suggests the single-use of CC creams if you have an underlying skin issue. Anti Acne, anti-aging or anti-pigmentation creams, serums, or spot treatments should be applied before a CC cream for your skin to not miss out on healing.

For those who are truly blessed and have flawless skin without any treatment-oriented product in your skincare, CC creams can be applied directly or post a small moisturizer amount.

Fingertips, beauty blender, or brush all work just fine, but with CC cream, we have to be extra careful to blend correctly, or else it can give us a blotchy and made-up look.  

How long does it last, & how much to use?  

Consider CC cream as a foundation when thinking of the quantity to be used. One should always start with a small amount spread all over the face in dots or drops. It makes sure that our face doesn't end up looking painted or airbrushed as it would with a foundation or concealer.

CC creams last pretty long as well, i.e., around 5 to 6 hrs without cracking, but it entirely depends upon the formula of a particular cream. Some CC creams leave a greasy, oily look, not very favorable for oily and acne-prone skin.

Now that you are well aware of these two creams, we will make it much easier to differentiate between the two to select the right product.  





The complete coverage! 

Simply put, CC creams are used more as makeup alternatives, and BB creams are used to give a little glow and radiance without changing your skin tone. BB creams have, it comes in two or three shades at most, and the shadows do not cater to large masses. People with light to medium skin tones can usually find a BB cream to match their skin tone, but other shades barely have anything in store. Thus, it isn't very inclusive. Whereas CC creams earlier had three basic shades light, medium, and dark, brands now focus more on inclusivity. They are thus producing as many shades as possible.

Hence, while choosing between BB cream or CC cream, consider the points mentioned above and the utmost important point, i.e., your skin shade! Always do a swatch on your neck or cheeks to choose the nearest shade available.  

Last Note: 

Never consider BB or CC creams as your complete makeup replacements but as a quick fix without exposing your skin to many products. Thanks to cosmetics creators, shopping for makeup and skincare products doesn't blow a hole through our wallet because we have many advantages packed in one product.