Medically reviewed by Minimalist Health Specialist -  Written by Viddhi Patel (Journalist)  on 30th Dec 2020

Gift your skin these top 10 benefits of using Peptides

top 10 benefits of using Peptides

In your mid-20s, you generally look forward to a promotion, a new break, a new house, but this is also when your skin reflects aging signs and throws a host of new problems at you. Obviously, this is something no one likes to contend with, and we avoid it with all our might.

Your 20s are when the component that makes your skin appear youthful will decrease to 28%. To top it all, your collagen production also starts depleting. If you so desire to reduce the future fine lines and wrinkles, you can start early.

Your 20s anti-aging skincare routine will be very different from the one you will follow in your 30s. You will be doing in the 30s trying to undo the havoc of aging signs you did not bother to care about in your 20s. Your mid 20s anti-aging skincare routine is more of a prevention game so that you suffer less going forward and so that you preserve good skin while you can.

Shallow research on anti-aging skincare will bring you across the term "peptide." Collagen has been around for a while. Peptides, on the other hand, have just started distilling the water.
The anti-aging skincare industry has been gaga over peptides and the fantastic, remarkable benefits they bring along. The topical application of these peptides revitalizes your skin and make it firmer and more resilient.

Peptides are collagen boosters. They are a good option to support collagen. Your 20s routine should focus on the face and eye treatments infused with the goodness of this great asset; peptides.  

What are Peptides?

Peptides are building blocks of skin. It is the entity that keeps the skin intact and firm. A depletion in peptides will cause wrinkles' appearance, which also means goodbye to bouncy skin! Your skin texture changes without the presence of peptides.

According to Dr. Dray, 

peptides function as humectants in skincare products, helping the epidermis hold water while strengthening your skin's barrier. 

The science behind peptides  

Peptides are short chains of amino acids, which are building blocks that form proteins in your body. The proteins formed are important for our body to keep wrinkles, brittle nails, and dry hair at bay. The proteins formed are what we know as collagen, elastin, and yes, keratin, which in the most basic sense are the foundations on which our skin is built. They give skin its smooth texture, strength, and bounce. Elastin fibers formed through peptides are responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Peptides are present in every cell of our body. They perform various functions in our body apart from being responsible for the skin's structure and function. Without them, we won't function. The protein builder is also a building block for enzymes, hormones, and a very important energy source.

Peptides form into little messengers that trick skin cells into performing exceptional functions like building collagen and elastin. The act also encourages the skin to look younger and bounce. Collagen, the magical being to our ears, is just beneath the epidermis, the dermis. 80% of the dermis is collagen peptides. They make you youthful and radiant, very likely when we are young, as that's when we produce the most collagen. With age, after 20, the collagen rate produced keeps depleting and stops altogether at 40.

The absence of peptides is not a good sign. This absence would also impact collagen levels, which further means increased aging signs.  

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Did you know?

Some peptides in our body are related to moods and decrease depression. So peptides improve our mood, along with a strong body it gives us a healthy mind. 

The 10 Benefits of Peptides For Skin

Research backs the claim that peptides support your skin in a multidimensional fashion. It firms, soothes and hydrates the skin. They are intricately designed to cater to specific skincare requirements. Also called polypeptides, they help the skin know the behavior that will revitalize the building blocks.

Evidence suggests a positive, blooming relationship between peptides skincare and natural peptides production of your body.  

1. Peptides pass through the skin's barrier easily.

Instead of perching on the top of the skin, peptides penetrate the skin's barrier and function through the roots. The molecular size of peptides allows them to penetrate through the top layer of the skin. 

2. Collagen is responsible for overall skin health.  

Collagen production declines with age, especially after the 20s. Depletion affects our skin's health. The topical application of peptides boosts collagen content as peptides signal the body to heal itself, triggering collagen production. This collagen boost further brings overall goodness to your skin's health. 

3. Strengthen skin barrier. 

The skin barrier is the protection shield against environmental aggressors like bacteria, UV exposure, and pollution. And peptides effectively help build a stronger shield that is more immune to over-exfoliation, smoke, etc. This barrier starts loosening its essence with age too, and becomes wiser to aggressors. Hence the addition of peptides strengthens the shield that is slowly withering. 

4. Gives you firmer, bouncy skin.

As discussed above, peptides help build elastin fibers, making your skin look firm and restores elasticity. Religious use of peptides allows your skin to turn firmer and smoother. Moreover, the outcome also indicates an improvement in the tautness and elasticity of the skin.  

5. Acts like an anti-aging agent 

Peptides help reduce the signs of aging naturally. The action of encouraging collagen production in the skin helps trigger anti-aging functions. Incorporating peptides into skincare by topically applying them may increase your body's production of the collagen booster.

While a topical collagen application remains less feasible due to the larger molecule structure of collagen that doesn't allow it to penetrate the skin, peptides have smaller molecules and can penetrate more easily. The penetration signals your skin to kickstart the reparation process. The response of your skin is to boost collagen peptides' production. 

6. Helps fade out wrinkles  

The whole pro-game of collagen also involves keeping skin and lips plump and young. Collagen provides a firm and plump appearance to the skin. And where the skin is radiant due to the above factors, there remains no place for wrinkles' existence. Termed as neurotransmitter peptides, these are compared to botox. Although it cannot realistically imitate botox actions, these peptides do smoothen expression lines and wrinkles.

7. Soothes inflammation  

Peptides are proven to be therapeutic. Peptides perform anti-inflammatory responses when your skin is inflamed due to any injury or irritation.

Apart from fighting aging signs, peptides also work towards healing your skin from the damage that it has suffered all these years.  

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8. Treats Acne

Some peptides possess anti-microbial properties, meaning they fight with bacteria that may potentially lead to acne breakout. 

9. Can even out skin texture 

Collagen increment also leads to clear skin along with a smooth transformation in your skin's texture and tone that evens out.  

6. Helps fade out wrinkles  

A decrease in collagen content after the 20s also leads to a loss of moisture in the skin. Peptides can help in this area via boosting collagen and locking the moisture. The action helps you gain a softer skin appearance. 

Incorporating peptides in your 20s - Some Steps

A healthy, smooth complexion demands peptides. So let's look at how these skincare routines work.

The ultra peptide serum by minimalist_ multi-peptide serum that incorporates 7% matrixyl 3000 and 3% bio-placenta give you the firm, younger skin you have been longing for. It works towards the improvement of wrinkles, crow's feet and moisturizes skin.  

Peptides work best when they are used with some companions-  

Antioxidants like vitamin C or niacinamide,

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Vitamin C 10% Face Serum
Vitamin C 10% Face Serum
Vitamin C 10% Face Serum

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Skin-replenishers like aloe vera, hyaluronic acid.

Combining peptides with other ingredients helps address larger problems of aging and skincare in general. Use moisturizers or serums that combine peptides with the above ingredients to improve your skin's health, leading to firmer, younger skin, and reduce the onset of breakouts. Choose products that have a prolonged stay on your skin, like a serum rather than a cleanser that gets rinsed off.

You may consult your dermatologist to decide on the right ingredients that work for you. Take notice of the formula of the product.  

Minimalist's Word of Advice 

In your mid-20s, you are likely to get bouts of early aging signs or maybe eyebags. You may find it very comforting to ignore it now, but it is good you start responding to your skin's signs. This "response" to your skin's demand for your attention means you are working towards delaying the aging process.

Peptides, however resilient, cannot do all the work. You have to keep your lifestyle habits in check,
Wear broad-spectrum SPF, UV exposure attacks your collagen, and after the age of 20, you are not getting it new.
Cleanse, moisturize, & take care of your skin, do not use harsh products that wreak havoc on your skin.

Although the benefits are overwhelming, the ingredient is not magical and leads to a realistic outcome. Peptides sure are essential but not the saviors against all aging signs.  

Wrapping it up 

Now and then, a new ingredient makes headlines demanding our attention. While some are backed by boastful claims, some genuinely deserve attention. Peptides being the part of the latter.

With the help of peptides, your skin can delay wrinkles, even out skin tone, and brighten the appearance.

It can prove to be the essential ingredient in your arsenal in the fight against aging. But you have to use a mixture of beneficial ingredients to bring out the best in your skin.

All you need is the right peptide mix that helps you answer your skin's demands and needs!