Medically reviewed by Minimalist Health Specialist -  Written by Nikitha Terence (Beauty Expert)  on 24th Nov 2020

Is your oily skin off-kilter and showing signs of dehydration?

signs of dehydration?

NNo one is perfect in this fast-paced world. People always work hard to get everything right and work things out smoothly to avoid any imperfections.

In our daily life, where miscalculations do occur at any stage, what about our skin?

It is one of the softest layers of our body that goes through a lot every day. Our skin has to withstand many struggles at every point. We all know that dehydration mostly affects people with drier skin, but did you know that dehydration sometimes even stays put on oily skin too?

Though oily skin and dehydration can get together for various reasons, there are not always on the same team. Meaning to say both of them have their reasons to disrupt or build our skin, and if we can find the right motive behind it, we are not very far away from winning the race of attaining youthful and glowing skin

What is oily skin?  

Generally, our skin produces sebum, a type of oil that helps keep our skin's balance. An average amount of this oil production is needed for every skin type, which keeps up a shiny appearance and efficiently dusts the dead cells. But when there is excess in the reproduction of these oil glands, that paves the way for unwanted blemishes and acne. It cannot be cured entirely as it is like any other organ you are born with. It stays with you for a lifetime.

But having an oily skin type is not always a curse. The reason being these very sebaceous glands that pour out an ample amount of oil and moisture can delay the aging process of your body. It means that immoderate oil on our face has the power to slow down your journey to the unyoung days.

If you have observed your T-zone areas(forehead, nose), it seems to be greasy all the time, which leads to whiteheads and clogged pores. Your bloodline, i.e., genetics, are responsible for oily skin. The external factors can also be the invisible yet harmful culprits or the hormonal changes you go through at every stage of your life like pregnancy, teenage years, etc.  

How can the skin get dehydrated? 

Dehydration lack in the body’s water level and loss of nutrients in the body. This is the most straightforward fact in the skin and body health care system. But does water only do the magic, or is there more? As we know, it takes many hands to build something incredible, so does the work of healing the dehydration method. You have to take care of both the internal and external factors and incorporate more products or methodology that works for your skin layers. 

Some of the common factors that are always on the “to be avoided at all times” list are:

  • The sun rays
  • Environmental pollution and low humidity 
  • Forgetting to intake liquids at regular intervals  
  • Not using the right kind of products or using it to very little quantity 
  • Over usage of harsh products that are co-created with heavy types of fragrances and alcohols. 
  • The pattern of your skincare routine or the irregularity in it. 
  • Too much exposure to hot showers or hard water. 

There is always a significant confusion on how dry skin is or is not related to dehydrated skin. Now you see, dry skin is a permanent thing, as they are one of the skin types that can be continuously regulated.

Still, it cannot be eliminated or altered, whereas dehydration can disappear with the right treatment and care.  

What is the connection between oily and dehydrated skin? 

Try a simple trick first to understand if your skin is dehydrated. Smile like you are posing for the camera. If you see noticeable wrinkles, this then indicates that your skin is in urgent need of hydration.

Sometimes your skin appears to be more oily than usual if you are more of a dry/combination skin person. What happens here is that the skin needs more water than oil. When it has no power factors (water or any hydrating product) left, the reversal process occurs, and there is a drastic increase in oil production on your skin. The warning signs that shout out for help are oily t-zones, aging, black pores, acne, etc.

What is it that causes the awakening of the greasy, dehydrating skin? 

Many surveys are conducted worldwide to check how any product works on a person or what a specific kind of condition does to your body or skin.

One of them shows how the increased consumption of beverages that are rich in caffeine or additional ingredients can evaporate the water from our body without any effort.

A group of people consumed almost 16 ounces of caffeinated beverages, and they found that nearly 60%-70% of the water content in their bodies were lost to the battle with caffeine. When brands show their beverages to be well hydrated, most of them are not worth their captions.

An individual’s lifestyle choices also have a significant impact on our skin and our body. It also takes a toll on our daily habits, like sleeping patterns, eating disorders, mental health, etc. So for the skin, in a unique way consuming too much alcohol or having a regular acquaintance with cigarettes often can turn to be a horrible mistake later on.  

How can you overcome this skin condition? 

It is not difficult to achieve a higher position in life, but the most significant task is maintaining that point and holding on to it well.

Similarly, when there are many ways to treat dehydrated skin, it is also crucial to follow it regularly in the most effective manner without cheating.

Even if you are too busy to attend your regular parlor sessions, try to achieve your beauty goals by trying out some DIY masks or having a simple yet powerful skincare routine that can be followed every day for a natural shine with minimal efforts.

If there are any significant side effects of any heavy skincare product, you can very well switch to an alternate day routine your skin can learn to use it the right way. After all, our skin also needs space to breathe and to work things out.  

The right kind of skincare routine 

  • Cosmetic enthusiasts warn everyone not to use products based on retinol and salicylic acid to a great extent.
Salicylic Acid 2% Face Serum
Salicylic Acid 2% Face Serum
Salicylic Acid 2% Face Serum
Salicylic Acid 2% Face Serum

Salicylic Acid 2% Face Serum

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  • Check out products with a significant portion of salicylic acid as they have the ultimate makeup regime that can help the flow of oil present inside the skin layers to move quickly. The products are very soothing and refreshing. 
  • There must always be a sequential order of your products, not depending on its popularity but by its prescribed form. For example, you could apply a hydrating serum that has these tiny molecules, then mask it up with a strong formulated sunscreen that has slightly larger molecules that are solid enough to stay up on the top surface.  
  • Add in an excellent moisturizer containing enriching ingredients like hyaluronic acid. The skin experts have proven can work like a super sponge that can provide almost 1000 times of moisture like any other ingredient, lactic acid, Vitamin A and C, aloe vera, etc. Most of these ingredients either lock the already stored up moisture or protect it from being disrupted when it comes back to the outer enemies at bay.  
  • If you have a leave-on moisturizer or, say, lip balm in your nighttime skincare routine, then double-check for ingredients that not only replenish the moisture inside your skin but they also get your skin back on track within the day arises.  
  • Like hyaluronic acid is a much-needed item for dehydrated skin, so is niacinamide is a lifesaver for those with oily skin. It allows to control the production of oil and lessens the pores. Also known as Vitamin B3, it evens the skin tone and provides the necessary protection of the skin mantle.  
Niacinamide 5% Face Serum
Niacinamide 5% Face Serum
Niacinamide 5% Face Serum
Niacinamide 5% Face Serum

Niacinamide 5% Face Serum

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It is advisable not to use these two powerful ingredients simultaneously on the same skin patch. So each of them can be allotted different time slots to showcase their talents.  

Products recommended  

Final Thoughts

The golden rule to obtain the best results from any product is to do a small patch test on a small skin layer as every body type has a different way of reacting to each skincare ingredient.

Take care of your skin right from your teen years as that is the turning point not just for life but also for the many hormonal changes on your body and skin.

Cleanse, tone, exfoliate, moisturizer, and keep out those harmful rays out by a beaming sunscreen and never forget to get everything removed off your face before hitting the bed.