Medically reviewed by Minimalist Health Specialist -  Written by Viddhi Patel (Journalist) on 05th Mar 2021

Skincare Ingredients Trending in 2021

Skincare Ingredients Trending in 2021

2020 gave us an ample amount of time to spend with ourselves, and we all got to know just how important loving yourself is. The last year we were all on a break. A much-needed one and we could sit back and relax. And some of us did make the most of it by giving our skin the love and care it deserves.

The skincare industry never stops evolving and we are quite aware that trends aren't on a break, even though the whole world was on one! On the contrary, our skincare game just grew stronger since we had some personal time to actually experiment. The year 2020 also saw a surge of new trends in the beauty industry, and since the year was quite tumultuous, we are all looking forward to 2021 being “our year.”

Our way of life has taken a sharp turn, and our new “basic” is Pyjamas, a shirt, and a zoom call. Similarly, our skincare routines have seen a dynamic trend. The times were and continue to be ever so stressful that even though we did get time, stress was constant. We want 2021 to bring soothing calm to our lives, and the same goes for skincare products. We want to self-soothe with creams and serums since stress affects everything- our minds, stomach, and even our skin.

There is no doubt that 2021 will have us cut down on the makeup and opt for a minimalist regimen.

Don’t let the FOMO get to you, from maskne to blue light; know every concern that has been bugging our friends across the world and how the skincare industry is tackling it.

We have come to learn the cathartic power of self-care, and we are not letting it go anytime soon.

So while we continue our at-home beauty culture, here are some trendy ingredients you can stock up.  

Probiotics in your skincare routine.

Probiotics have been around for a while since it hit the markets and although not readily accepted then, it is now the rage. Probiotics will support your skin’s health and maintain its optimal balance.

Probiotics treat skin disorders and alleviate acne and eczema, giving you healthy and balanced skin. Probiotics help your skin feel and look the best by calming, strengthening and restoring it.

But before you do opt for probiotics, make sure you do your research.  

Blockers of blue light exposure 

To date, we use sunscreen to protect ourselves from the UV rays; since there is no stepping out now, we will have to look out for the HEV (high energy visible) light. This light is emitted from our tech screens, the ones we are now stuck on.

Much like UV light, when HEV light penetrates our skin, it damages our DNA and causes hyperpigmentation. Our days are spent in front of screens, and obviously, skincare companies came to the rescue by developing skincare that blocks this HEV light from wreaking havoc.

While still unsure of exactly how much blue light will affect our skin, numerous blue-light-blocking products have seen a significant spike in sales. New formulations are being launched that are cooler and more effective. Sunscreens that block UVA, UVB, and HEV light will also become more popular and see more launches in the coming months. 


Marine extracts like iron oxide, zinc oxide are some minerals that can effectively form a film on your skin and block blue light. Among them is algae. It has gained momentum in 2020 since it effectively protects your skin from photodamage, UV damage and also blocks blue light.


There's been a lot of craze surrounding Vitamin B3 recently due to its versatility and fairly so. And it is about to gain more momentum given it can fight blue light. This makes niacinamide all the more attractive, given that it is already effective in fighting aging and acne. 

Calming Ingredients to Soothe Your Skin 

Like we need our calm at the end of the day, our skin needs to calm too. Sadly, our skin knows when we are stressed, and the worst part is that skin conditions can get really nasty!

Stress can lead you to acne flare-ups, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, and other problematic skin conditions.  


The pandemic has made us prone to Maskne—an inflammatory acne condition caused by wearing masks and face coverings.

What we all are looking for is an ingredient that will help your skin de-stress and relax. So, 2021 introduced soothing face sprays and face masks that can counter the effect face masks have. These are made with zinc oxide to help with inflammation. 


Calming ingredients have seen a surge and for obvious reasons. One reason is the newly coined term “inflammaging.” It addresses two concerns: inflammation and aging and points out that chronic, low-grade inflammation can slowly break down the collagen and elastin and lead to early aging and skin lacking plumpness. This micro-inflammation results from some lifestyle factors like stress, smoking, sun exposure, etc.  

The soothing ingredients we all need to turn inflammation down a notch.  

Colloidal oatmeal

The ingredient is trending due to its anti-inflammatory, soothing, and moisturizing properties. And it is the best form of DIY skincare you can do for your skin. It is hassle-free and will calm your skin. Colloidal oatmeal is leading the skin-soothing game with its calming and de-stressing abilities.


Another ingredient that can calm and reduce redness is cica. Cica is not new to the industry, but it is here to stay since it has ultra-powers to soothe irritation and a dull complexion. Also known as Centella Asiatica or tiger grass, cica can improve scarring, and it is a part of acne products to reduce inflammation.

This trending ingredient can truly serve you if your skin is sensitive and needs a little extra care. 

Vegan Plant-based Skincare 

Plant-based skincare has been around for a while. The surge in consumers who are conscious of protecting the ecosystem has also made plant-based products popular—the most popular among these being bakuchiol.  


Well, here enters the ingredient that can challenge retinol, the A-list skincare ingredient. What puts retinol in a tight-spot is its potency and ability to dry out your skin and increase sensitivity. On the other hand, Bakuchiol is a calmer, gentler plant-based alternative ideal for the most sensitive skin types.

Bakuchiol has similar effects as that of retinol. It boosts collagen and fights aging. It can improve pigmentation, elasticity, photodamage, and also fine lines and wrinkles.  

Barrier-restoring Skincare

Creams that restore, strengthen, and protect the skin barrier have seen a rise; they don’t let the aggressors get to your skin and don’t allow the right stuff to escape from the skin.

In short, ceramides and hyaluronic acid are trending as they hydrate the skin barrier, strengthening your skin’s ability to fight. 

Hyaluronic acid 

Hyaluronic + PGA 2% Face Serum
Hyaluronic + PGA 2% Face Serum
Hyaluronic + PGA 2% Face Serum
Hyaluronic + PGA 2% Face Serum

Hyaluronic + PGA 2% Face Serum

₹ 595

When to use: AM / PM

Frequency: Everyday

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The super-hydrating ingredient replenishes your skin’s moisture content and keeps it dewy and supple. After all, how exactly does a well-hydrated skin type run out of trend? Hyaluronic acid also protects your skin from aggressors that do your skin no good. The hydration captain has your skin looking soft, smooth, and youthful. 

A safe and hygienic skincare 

Well, I don’t see the need to explain the craze over hygiene in the wake of the pandemic. Everything, I repeat everything has to fight bacteria and be safe, and skincare is no exception. To keep your skincare bacteria-free, hygienic, and safe, use certain ingredients that are anti-bacterial and nourish your skin.  


Squalane 100% Face Oil
Squalane 100% Face Oil
Squalane 100% Face Oil
Squalane 100% Face Oil

Squalane 100% Face Oil

₹ 695

When to use: AM / PM

Frequency: Everyday

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The plant-derived ingredient is anti-bacterial and locks the moisture in the skin. Squalane not only provides hydration but also calms redness and swelling with its anti-inflammatory properties. The oil is a derivative of human sebum and is an emollient that improves skin softness and flexibility. The oil also has antioxidant properties and will help you achieve a healthy-looking complexion.  

PHAs- A comparatively new entry in the hydroxy family 

Polyhydroxy acids are chemical exfoliators that are unlike AHAs and BHAs and are suitable for all skin types due to their gentleness. PHAs have enjoyed some buzz around social media as it can give you brighter, healthier-looking skin. You can say that this new generation AHA has only the goodness of AHAs.

PHAs give you a clear, radiant look by sloughing off the dead skin cells and impurities and are suitable for all skin types, even sensitive ones. They give you brighter, healthier-looking skin, all the while moisturizing and strengthening skin barrier function. 


There are certain skincare trends that we are about to see more of in 2021. One of them being skinimalism, embracing our skin’s natural texture and moving towards minimalistic skincare routines, towards simpler rituals. The trend also embraces minimal makeup and makes our natural skin stand out.

Brands are also moving towards sustainable packaging by using eco-friendly recyclable materials. And we look forward to 2021, hoping that brands will make themselves eco-conscious and that this trend becomes fashion.

What is also trending is knowing what one is applying, meaning clean and transparent products.  

Final Note 

Well, trends are good when you can trust them! So no matter what is trending in the coming days, make sure you apply products after thorough research. You don’t want to let the FOMO put you at the risk of shady products.