Medically reviewed by Minimalist Health Specialist -  Written by Devanshi Singh (Beauty Expert) on 06th Mar 2021

Why is Cold-Pressed Skincare Trending?

Cold-Pressed Skincare Trending

In case you are a skincare addict or a meticulous follower of trends, you must have heard of the latest trend of cold-pressed skincare. The cold-pressed juicing concept fuels this latest trend.

The new cold-pressed skincare has gained an insane amount of popularity in the past year. If you are unaware of this latest trend of cold-pressed skincare, then don't worry. We will be discussing the new cold-pressed skincare and everything about it in today's article. All you need to do is scroll down and read till the end. 

Cold-Pressed Skincare - The New Skincare Trend

The world nowadays is getting more inclined towards natural and organic products. Everyone wants unprocessed and natural things.

Even you guys would want everything in its pure natural form rather than the processed ones.

As a result of the increasing demand for more natural products, the new cold-pressed skincare has garnered the limelight.

This happened because this new skincare method makes use of the skincare ingredients in their most natural form. Amazing right!

What else does a skincare freak want?

To be specific, and to spread no misinformation, I would like to clear that natural ingredients here refer to vitamins and minerals in their least processed forms.

Regularly, people use heat to obtain the ingredients (vitamins and minerals) from the plant materials. This way, they could successfully obtain the ingredients. Still, the heat used in the extracting process causes oxidation and degradation, which changes the nature of the obtained core ingredients.

The new trend of cold-pressed skincare eliminates this change of nature and allows us to use the core ingredients in their most uncompromised form.

If you wonder how an individual obtains core ingredients with the new cold-pressed method, do not worry. We are here to your rescue.

When the ingredients in their natural form are cold-pressed, they can use mechanical methods to extract the core ingredients. They use a strong external compressor for this purpose. This compresses the plant material until it releases oils containing uncompromised vitamins and minerals. This is then filtered and delivered to the customers in its pure raw form.

Plenty of popular brands like Le Prunier, and Rawceuticals, and Scientific Organics now use this new toxin-free technique for their products. 

Cold Pressed Skincare 101 

You may have noticed that people nowadays are developing an interest in natural, toxin-free products. There was a time when turning vegan was a trend, and now this cruelty-free, organic thinking has entered the skincare industry in the form of Cold-pressed skincare.

In the mechanical process of extraction of the cold-pressed products, no change of nature takes place makes it the star of ongoing trendy things.

All the skincare addicts out there are aware of one thing. The greater the number of antioxidants in the products, the better it is for your skin. And guess what, as per studies, the antioxidant capacity (such as several vitamins, like vitamin A, vitamin E, and many more) of the cold-pressed oils and products is higher than that obtained via heat.

Consequently, these cold-pressed oils offer more protection to your save. 

The New Popular - Cold-pressed Oils 

The oils obtained from the mechanical extraction of the plant material gain more and more attention with time. 

Characteristics of the cold-pressed oils that make it the center of attention: 

  • Cold-pressed oils have high amounts of vitamins, minerals, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. 
  • As per research and studies, they contain a high amount of nutritional value. 
  • They help you to keep your skin hydrated, moisturizes, and nourishes it in every possible way. 
  • Cold-pressed oils give your skin a good amount of glow from within and even helps you with your acne and acne scars.
  • They reduce the aging process of your skin and give you youthful skin. 
  • These oils even have cooking benefits as they add natural flavor and fragrance to your food and help you maintain your cholesterol levels. 
  • They promote your hair growth and even help in boosting your immunity. 
  • Cold-pressed oils can be used as both moisturizers and toners.  
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  • They also help you with frizzy hair.
  • One can mix cold-pressed oils with a little tint and foundation to achieve a perfect base for their makeup. 

Drawbacks of Cold-pressed oils

Every argument has two sides, just like a coin. The same is the case with cold-pressed oils. They also have drawbacks that you cannot avoid.

Below are some of the drawbacks of cold-pressed oils: 

  • Oils are known to attract harmful Uv rays. As a result, they cause photosensitivity and tanning. 
  • Some of the oils can even cause serious swelling and blisters relying on the sensitization of the ingredient. 
  • People with acne-prone skin can end up clogging their pores and causing more acne if they use heavy oils. 

How do you use cold-pressed oils on your skin and face? 

Cold-pressed oils are a boon for your skin, especially for people with dry and sensitive skin.
However, if you put in proper efforts and use these oils correctly, you will automatically get their benefits.

Below are some of how you can use cold-pressed oils on your skin and face. 

  • You can get the perfect base for your makeup by mixing these oils with a small amount of tint and foundation. 
  • These oils are a good moisturizer and toner for your skin and face. However, people with oily and acne-prone skin should go easy on heavy oils. 
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  • These cold-pressed oils have all the properties of a good hair mask as they give you soft, frizz-free, and smooth hair. They even help you with your split ends, so it will be a perfect idea to use them on your hair. 
  • The application of two-three drops of cold-pressed oils on the damp hair will help you in styling them. 

Points to remember while storing cold-pressed oils

You might not know this, but cold-pressed oils cannot be stored and kept like other common oils. They must be kept away from sunlight.

If they are kept in sunlight, then UV rays will trigger a chain reaction of free radical damage. As a consequence, trans fat will be generated. These trans fats are harmful to your skin.

Thus, whenever you buy cold-pressed oils, make sure to store them in dark bottles away from the sunlight. 

FAQs about Cold-pressed skincare and Oils 

1) Should people with oily and acne-prone skin use cold-pressed oils? 

People with oily and acne-prone skin should not use any heavy oils. They might end up with clogged pores and breakouts. Thus, be careful with whatever you use on your skin.

2) Which products should one use, normal or cold-pressed ones? 

Many people as of now are unaware of the concept of cold-pressed oils. However, the majority of those who are aware have shifted their skincare routine to cold-pressed oils. These oils have more antioxidants and nutritional value than regular ones. This fact has attracted customers.