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Do Acne Spot Patches Work And Should You Use Them?

How Do Acne Spot Patches Work For Skin

Do you recall the times of white pasty acne spot treatments? Stubborn acne has always been around. Even after the clear gel formula started to advance into our acne first aid kits, we still had issues.

Gel or liquid spot treatment formulas penetrate your frustrated acne infestation and can also slide off while sleeping or sweating.

Fortunately for all the impromptu planners, the skincare industry gave us a gift of a splendid antidote. Small patches that obediently stick to our skin, at the same time pushing acne bursting germs into an angry and contaminated pore while securing it against outside problems (like microbes or your desperate finger which picks and pops). Acne spot patches are the hottest trend, starting from transparent patches to designed loud yellow stars. With the data of AAD, 50 million people a year experience acne; there is no harm in trying new methods to get rid of your stubborn acne. It might work! Let's know-how?  

How do acne spot patches work?  

Acne doesn't simply affect individuals experiencing puberty. Up to 15 percent of adult ladies' experience skin acne, as indicated by the NCBI (however, different studies place that number considerably higher — over 50 percent).

Before understanding the work process, it's important to know what type of patches can work and what acne type.

These acne spot patches are suitable for superficial acne that are easier to treat (puss-filled bumps) and not for cystic acne. These patches can't penetrate to a level that can cure cystic acne.

Acne patches are made of hydrocolloid, a moisture-retaining bandage that is also normally used for post-surgical wounds. Hydrocolloid bandages are intended to absorb fluid to dry pimples out. By adsorbing the poisons caught under your skin while shielding the zit from outside microbes, daylight, or face picking, acne spot patches can quicken recuperating.

You can consider acne patches as smaller than a normal bandage for a round pimple/wound/zit on your face.

Another beneficial trait acne spot patch offer is the concealment of your acne, which secures it from picking, which is the cause of scaring. They additionally protect your skin inflammation from sunlight, which can make your acne worse. 


Patches only using hydrocolloids are known as non-medicated acne spot patches. Simultaneously, many have micro-needling abilities, which aren't deep enough to penetrate to a level to cure deeper acne.  

Benefits of acne spot patches 

Consider these stickers like a spot treatment. They can help limit the presence of pimples while quickening the healing process. How?   

1. They suck all the germs out of your pores  

If you are a fan of the pore strip, you'll love these. These patches are powerful as they retain overabundance liquid and have a vacuum-like impact that gets out any dirt or germs that could be causing a breakout. Later it converts those pollutants into a gel-like substance that sticks to the patch and is sealed away from your face. 

Another advantage:

They may likewise keep microscopic organisms from entering the pimple and intensifying redness and irritation.  

2. They Can Help Prevent Touching & Picking  

In case you have a pimple, the one thing a dermatologist will instruct you to do is authorize a hands-off strategy. What is the one thing you're liable to do in any case? Pick it or pop it. Acne spot patches do the best to keep the territory covered so you can't pick on your acne.

Picking 99 percent of the time will aggravate it since it triggers more irritation, which expands healing time and makes it bound to leave an imprint or a scar. It likewise drives the discharge further into the skin, making it bound to stay.  

3. They May Help Treat Your Blemish with Actives

Acne patches that contain ingredients that help treat the breakout, as salicylic acid, may convey some additional assistance to get microscopic organisms and dirt out of pores and speed clearing. Without a doubt, the American Academy of Dermatology suggests that salicylic acid is perhaps the best ingredient to treat acne. A few items additionally incorporate skin-calming ingredients, for example, vitamin A and aloe vera, which can help further decrease irritation, research has appeared.  

Salicylic Acid 2% Face Serum
Salicylic Acid 2% Face Serum
Salicylic Acid 2% Face Serum
Salicylic Acid 2% Face Serum

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Instructions to Use an Acne Spot Patch to Help Shrink Blemishes  

Most importantly, follow the headings on the brand you're utilizing. Past that, they're best used as an overnight treatment. Around evening time, while we rest, skin cells recover. This means: Skin is healing and rejuvenating, and treating your skin around evening time can benefit into a natural process, upgrading the process.

Wearing them around at night likewise permits you to leave them on for quite a while. Before using acne patches, cleanse and lightly moisturize your face. Then use the sticker on your pimple and wear it short-term. They're waterproof, so you can keep them while showering. At that point, wash your face as you would during your typical morning schedule.

It also comes in a transparent material, so no one can tell you are wearing a patch. 

General Tips For Using Acne Patches  

Let them sit for all things considered 24 hours or until the patches transform into opaque shading. At the point when they've turned opaque, you realize they've sucked out the gunk from the pores.

It's ideal to utilize these patches when your pimple is forming a white or yellow head.

Don't use the patches after toner or serum. This will lessen their viability, and you'll squander your items.

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Polyhydroxy Acid (PHA) 3% Face Toner
Polyhydroxy Acid (PHA) 3% Face Toner
Polyhydroxy Acid (PHA) 3% Face Toner

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Pick the size that can best cover the entire acne.

Pick the patches labeled with - hydrocolloid patches or non-medicated.

Follow the guidelines mentioned on the label.

Make sure to clean your face and hands before you apply them.  

Patches for Active Acne   

Medicated acne patches are loaded with active ingredients that help slaughter acne-causing bacteria and alleviate irritation. The patches upgrade the retention of the active ingredient in the skin.

They help lessen the acne's redness, pain, and bumps and can be viable when treating aggravated acne, similar to pimples. They may likewise assist with reducing the size of sores brought about by cystic or nodular breakouts. The most well-known active ingredient of these patches is salicylic acid and tea tree oil.  


In the case of medicated patches, you're not confined to put them on as the initial step of your skincare routine. You can put it on over different items, but remember that you need the active ingredient to absorb into the skin. In this way, put them on before an occlusive moisturizer. 

When Should You Use Acne Spot Patches?  

While acne spot patches can prove useful, it's imperative to utilize them in a suitable acne period. You can use the patch before going to an impromptu occasion as it rapidly lessens the presence of acne.  

Do acne patches work for all types of skin?  

Acne patches won't work for you if you experience the ill effects of extreme, persevering acne. The clinical treatment relies upon the seriousness and degree of acne. Taking everything into account, they can be utilized in instances of mild skin breakouts, however unquestionably not in severe contaminated ones.

If you have a random bump showing up out of the blue or have one bothersome pimple that has been around for a couple of days, go on and utilize an acne patch to control it. However, if you have acne that has been around for a few weeks or months, shows up in enormous numbers and sizes, and refuses to disappear, an acne spot patch is not enough. As acne patches are accessible over the counter, they don't contain the medication necessary to treat severe acne. These items generally contain salicylic acid in lesser concentration and tea tree oil [which can give impermanent relief].

The medicated creams and gels utilized under dermatologists' management can give you long haul, perpetual advantages. Self-medication without appropriate information can be dangerous. While it's not wrong to apply acne patches that are accessible over the counter for mellow acne, it is alright to understand the degree of your acne condition from a dermatologist.

Young people can even utilize this for extreme acne conditions, prompting more issues like pigmentation, scarring, and infections. 


Clearing up acne isn't just about accomplishing glowy and clean skin. Acne can affect psychological wellness as well. For instance, one 2016 study found that 45 percent of individuals with acne experience social phobia, contrasted with 18 percent of individuals without this.

Acne spot patches can be a successful method to treat breakouts, speeds up recuperating time, and forestall picking. They turn out best for mild pimples and are best worn for the time being.

The sentiment of elevated hesitance over developing acne is a general encounter. One-way acne patches help battle this is by treating those issue spots watchfully. Try using bold color patches. There is no shame in having acne. Own up to it and shine.