Medically reviewed by Minimalist Health Specialist -  Written by Abantika De (M.Tech Biotech) on 26th Feb 2021

The Importance of Following a Night Skincare Routine

A night skincare routine

Spread the word. Beauty truly exists! Related to Skin Care Awareness Month, we investigate how sleep - something we all do day by day can affect our skin.

You could be a princess who gets a long night of restful sleep or a sleep-deprived regular lady juggling work and personal life. One thing will always remain relevant. A decent night's sleep is fundamental for more healthy skin and hair.

Did you realize that the skin regenerates another layer like clockwork? The most prominent organ in our bodies, the skin, goes about as a boundary between the body and the rest of the world, working diligently to keep hazardous components under control. Even though it's equipped for self-mending and recovery, much the same as the remainder of the organs in our body, some additional assistance in ensuring our skin remains healthy a long way.

The skin is the most sensitive part of the body, susceptible to outside variables, such as residue and soil, and internal factors, such as stress and physical well-being. Regular skincare guidance we've all heard before sounds valid – drinking a lot of water routinely, maintaining a proper regimen and diet, and keeping our face clean should be consistent in our day-by-day life. Be that as it may, the one sure thing we often ignore is getting enough sleep.

Study shows that sleep-deprived individuals grow more fine lines and wrinkles, decreased skin versatility, and irregular skin pigmentation. The absence of sleep also causes collagen's breakdown. The particles are expected to give skin its shine and bounce, decreasing the measure of oxygen in the blood, which makes the skin seem ashen and dull. 

Why do you need a nighttime skincare routine? 

Your skin is different when you wake as compared to when you hit the bed. When you are going to sleep, your skin has been through all the things the day tosses at you. From air contamination and sweating on an open vehicle to office temperatures, your skin will undoubtedly be as worn out as you feel before the day's over.

In the mornings, your skin has had the opportunity to rest as well, so it is in a better state than the previous night.  

The Difference Between Day Time and Night Time Routine 

The morning routine is tied with ensuring your skin against the components you're exposed to, like residue, contamination, and the sun. A nighttime routine helps the fixed cycle and provides the skin with protective fixings. Nighttime skincare resembles hitting the 'undo' button on the skin to repair the day's damage.

A morning routine requires a chemical, toner, lotion, and sunblock, while a night routine requires a fix specialist like a night cream, notwithstanding the previously mentioned items.

Anyway, what would be recommended for you to do before you hit the bed with the goal that you awaken to lovely skin?  

Here it goes:

  • Cleanse 
  • Exfoliate 
  • Apply night cream 

What Happens to Your Skin at Night? 

At every phase and stage of life, your skin will go through changes. In about 27 days, our skin regenerates itself. For the upkeep of your skin, there are specific tips and tricks you must follow daily. 

  • Start your mornings by cleansing your skin thoroughly.  
  • Follow it up with toner, moisturizer, sunscreen (with SPF 30 or above) according to your skin type

These two basic steps can hydrate and protect your skin's outer layer. Your skin can take a beating when exposed during the day. Your skin needs to recover from makeup, contaminants, and environmental factors like pollution and UV damage every day. Hence, taking care of it is imperative. 

Here are a few things that happen to your skin while you rest:  

  • Cell division recharges and fixes the skin, its activity occurring between 11 and 12 midnight if you are sleeping.  
  • Your skin is better ready to retain hostile to maturing fixings like glycolic acid, separate in daylight.
  • Sebum (oil) creation tops in the late morning, so your skin's dampness levels begin to drop around the day's end and into the night.
  • Your skin temperature increments somewhat, and your pH turns out to be more acidic. Both these variables join to dry out the skin.  
  • Cortisol (the pressure hormone) levels decline, giving your skin time to recuperate from irritation, including the sort that can worsen skin breakouts. 
  • Your skin has the opportunity to recover from ecological harm from contamination, tobacco smoke, UV harm, and different elements.  

Even though your brain might be sleeping on a conscious level, your body is a lot of alert and dynamic as you rest. This is the point at which most of your body's recovery occurs thus, and on the off chance that you need to receive these rewards for your skin, you ought to build up a daily skincare routine

Night Time Skin Care Routine You Should Follow

Makeup Remover:  

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If you wear makeup, the initial step is to use a quality makeup remover to eliminate makeup. This will guarantee that all makeup will be taken off when you wash your face. Utilizing an alcohol-free toner will help reestablish the skin's pH and eliminate unwanted remaining oils and makeup. One can soak a cotton ball and delicately pat the toner over the face and neck. 

Facial Cleanse:  

Use a high-quality cleanser to clean your face. Gently massage the compound into the skin. Wash your face and neck altogether with warm water and the chemical. When you have finished the face purging, ensure that you wash the whole buildup off entirely. Utilizing a chemical will eliminate any earth and trash in and on the skin. Warm water will open the pores to permit earth and microscopic organisms to be delivered. It is likewise suggested that you utilize a shed that will infiltrate further and help eliminate blackheads. Tenderly wipe your head to head and afterward apply Tea Tree Oil to any acne or acne-prone regions. 

Eye Cream 

Since there are no oil organs around the eye, utilizing an eye cream on the eye's skin will recharge the skin and lessen puffiness and dark circles. Delicately apply the cream under and around the eye. 

Lip Care 

Mildly wash your lips with lukewarm water on a soft cloth. This will eliminate any dry and dead skin. Use a lip balm to soften and restore chapped lips. 


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Use a quality moisturizer that won't upset the skin. An all-natural moisturizer is a decent investment since it doesn't contain any synthetic substances or harsh substances. The sort of moisturizer you use will rely upon your skin type, for example, dry, delicate, or slick skin. A decent moisturizer will eliminate trash, dead skin cells, and pollutants, soothe and revive the skin, support the skin with nutrients and minerals, keep up ordinary pH levels, and help with cell recovery. Utilizing a quality Serum secures collagen, decreases redness and blemish, and diminishes age spots, barely recognizable differences, earthy colored spots, and wrinkles. The two serums and moisturizers help carry new cells to the surface, uncovering a smoother and gentler composition.

Setting up a daily skincare routine will take around five minutes of your time. Since everybody has their particular skin type, it is critical to utilize items that coordinate your skin's affectability. By executing a daily skincare schedule, your skin will keep up an energetic appearance longer, just as remaining smooth, delicate, clear, and healthy. 

Reasons Why a Night Skincare Routine is a Must

Your day is loaded with tons of activities that influence the nature of your complexion more than you might suspect. As you experience your work and complete various duties, your skin is exposed to dangerous natural components. Introduction to UV rays, contamination, dirt, and free radicals will, in the long run, bring about skin maturing and different issues.

Given how much your skin needed to endure during the day, you should furnish it with the proper consideration in the wake of a monotonous day. Your night skincare routine advances should address your skin's particular needs as it experiences different changes when you rest. 

Valuable Night Skincare Tips 

No matter if you are a skincare expert or just a newbie, here are the few nighttime skincare tips for healthier and radiant skin: 

  • Eliminate all cosmetics when you arrive at home and clean the face with a delicate face wash. This helps unclog pores and clean up old skin cells.  
  • Apply toner after purifying to rebalance the skin and prep it for serum and lotion.  
  • Serum ought to be utilized sparingly – apply on before cream as this liquid infiltrates further into the skin.
  • Night lotion is a significant advance to guarantee the skin is to lessen indications of maturing. Apply a dime-sized bit and back rub in upward roundabout movements.  
  • For short-term brilliance help, utilize a leave-on sleeping mask after your skincare routine and wake up to more radiant and hydrated skin.